Go and Don’t Come Back.


Image   I usually am inspired by God to write words of encouragement. But the following is not much of that. In reality, I’m not so sure yet if it’ll end up being my first finished poem, or a part of a future book. Yet, I know it was truly God inspired because when I sat back and looked at the results, i couldn’t believe what I was reading. I hope it opens up your eyes to see how great our God is. Also, I pray you know that even though on our roadway we may have rocks to stumble upon, hills to run over, or maybe even mountains to climb, we have an awesome God that is there with us all the way. Soooo….

Where did you come from? You’ve created a horrible feeling inside of me, attacking like a hungry animal at my little heart. I beg and cry out, Go! Leave. I don’t want to feel you in me, but you stay.

Now that you’ve become fitted within my little heart, you visit all too often. Why? Why did I let you in at all? You don’t help me, yet I can’t seem to let you go. And when I do make up my mind to part ways with you, you hold on so much more tightly.

I don’t want you anymore. You hurt my little heart and continually break it. Leave, I beg, just go. With you, I don’t just hurt myself, I end up hurting others. That’s not what my little heart desires.

Daily I feel you. Without a doubt I know you are here. You crave on those moments when my little heart gives up and loses hope. It even seems you’re becoming more aggressive with every bit you take. Someday I think there will be nothing left.

I don’t want that day to come. My little heart gets scared and worried, what if you do take all? If you take all, then how will I be able to share with all the rest what my little heart really does desire- joy, peace, and comfort. Please go! Just leave! Don’t hold on to me anymore. You’re not the right choice for me. There’s someone else who is just the right One.

I know your mark has been left on me. Therefore, I will call upon the ultimate Doctor to come and mend it. I don’t want any part of you to ever identify who I am. I will choose to let the right One come with His greatness and make me new again.

He alone can rescue me any moment of my day. He’s perfect, flawless, not one to make me into a mistake. He doesn’t even need to make room for Himself in my heart. The spot He’d fill has been empty for so long. I’ve been missing Him to complete my broken part.

Now go, and don’t bother coming back. You’re not wanted here. You are Anger. He is Love. God is Love.